Issue One

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Issue One

Inside our super soaraway second issue...

* M Alzamora discovers revisiting Rosemary’s Baby is a bigger challenge when you can relate to the main character…
* Ariel Anderssen talks to FTS about her new autobiography, bondage career, Welsh puppetry and Barbenheimer...
* Andy Harrow looks at the unexpected, Netflix-inspired comeback of nu-metal
* The hunt for the Iceman, one of the Fringe’s most cult comedy acts, is detailed by Rob Wringham
* Television has lost the art of the opening voiceover - and that needs a proper explanation, believes Andrew Moir.
* Michaela Ashton Hayes wonders if she’s allowed to be having these thoughts about Taskmaster.
* A chance find among some donations to London charity shops leads James Cooray Smith to a map of social history
* The world of Scottish football scran is a varied one which should be cherished and grown, writes Matt Greer.
* Duncan McKay takes a look through three new releases covering modern Manchester’s favourite subject: itself…

Plus: 1998 and all that, 40 years of Taggart, rebooting Marvel continuity, Cinch commentary bingo, the rush of Kickstarter boardgames and lots (well, a bit) more!